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Barrier Island Pompano

June 24, 2009

Barrier Islands & Mississippi Sound, Mississippi 06-24-09 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Fishing continues to be good here in south Mississippi, that's if you can take the heat.

Lately, my big thing is chasing Florida pompano in the barrier island's shallow flats, and their numbers are on the increase.

Generally when the big sponge crabs show up thick you can expect to see them in high numbers, and that's on the upswing right now.

Had a group out on Saturday, and they managed to box 10 nice pomps, but they lost a good number of fish too.

They had no idea of the strength of these small fish (1 to 3-pounds), and lost many at boatside on the prop, transduser, or by blazing runs.

Made a quick run out on Sunday for a hour or so, and that group boxed 5, and one of them actually free jumped into the boat. They got a kick out of that. The also boxed 35 really nice white trout, and a nice speckled trout before the wind died down for our run to Ship Island.

And a few days before that had Matt Ezell, his wife Stasha, and their 10-year-old daughter Madolynn aboard, and they landed 3 really nice Spanish mackerel, 1 big redfish, and 7 really big pompano, as well as plenty of ladyfish, bluefish, blue runners, big stingrays, and plenty of small sharks.

Also, right now we have some options of fishing birds with specks and white trout below them, and looking for tripletail in the same area. Just cast into the birds for an instant strike!

Bottom line, there is always something to fish for, and plenty of sharks to tackle on light tackle if one would like to do that.

Yes it's hot, but I am set on go when you're ready for some light tackle fishing fun.

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