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Mississippi Barrier Islands Redfish & Pompano

May 2, 2009

Barrier Islands South of Biloxi, Mississippi, Mississippi 05-02-09 06:00 AM ( about 5 hours )

TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS Going Strong In South Mississippi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently ran 5 fishing trips with some inshore, and a couple out at the beautiful barrier islands. Despite poor conditions on most trips nice fish were caught.

Saturday, May 2, 2009
On this trip it was rough and muddy, but one of the last stops produced a fast bite on 60 white trout and ground mullet, a flounder, and a nice tripletail. My clients Susan Mclauchlin, Dustin Mclauchlin, Daniel Mclauchlin, and Jeff Mclauchlin had a blast hauling them in.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Rough as hell, fished in front of the Beau Rivage Casino and my clients Dave Voyer and Sarah Brannon landed 51 white trout, oodles of croakers, some big gafftopsail catfish, and released a small sea turtle.

Thursday, May 7, 2009
Took Craig Youngblood and Matt Williams out to the barrier islands, and they proceeded to catch 1 tripletail, 1 Florida pompano, 1 nice redfish, 35 big "yellow-mouth" white trout, and 4 bluefish.

Saturday, May 9, 2009
On another rough day I decided to stay inshore and it was a good call. Aboard TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS, Wendell Griggs, Alan Bailey and his 6-year-old son Sterling simply hammered the big white trout and ground mullet. Once the flurry ended they had boxed 102 fine eating fish, and they followed me back home where they scaled and I filleted the fish. In no time we had them cleaned and bagged up.

Monday, May 11, 2009
On a beautiful calm day at the barrier islands, my clients Dr. Joe baber and Ed J. McEwan caught a wonderful mixed bag of fish in clear shallows. When the day ended they boxed 3 tripletail, 2 redfish, 8 Florida pompano, 10 big "yellow-mouth" white trout, a few gulf kingfish, 1 black drum, 1 big speckled trout, and all of the bluefish and ladyfish they cared to reel in. Great light tackle fun none the less!

Once this weather settles in, well, expect the fishing to really get hot, and with so many species to hunt, well it's going to be a great summer. So come join me for some great light tackle fishing fun here in south Mississippi.

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