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Niagara River

August 12, 2008

Head of upper river, New York 08-12-08 06:00 AM ( about 3 hours )


6 Released Smallmouth bass 3lb 8.0oz
drifted useing three way with crab two an half feet off bottom along wall from tip to sunken barge
26 Released Smallmouth bass 4lb
The perfect day of fishing. The Bass were hit anything I used and I used everything as I ran out of crabs and worms. Smallboat Habor Bait Shop only had leaches left so I used them. I couldn't hit bottom as the bass were hitting the leaches as soon as my l


earlybird wrote: (about 12 years ago)
Rayippy, welcome. Is that smallmouth bass caught in a river?
Rayippy wrote: (about 12 years ago)
YES, the river and the head of the river have been alive with smallmouths for the last 2 weeks 9/7/08. I expect this to continue for a while as the weather is perfect. Two days ago I caught 26 smallmouths in 3 hours none under 4 lbs.
earlybird wrote: (about 12 years ago)
Cool, I never fished for bass really, always thought they were a lake fish :). Good going.


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