May 18, 2008

Lake Palestine, Texas 05-18-08 06:00 AM ( about 7 hours )

NECHES RIVER off the mouth of Lake Palestine off the HWY 31 WEST in Chandler, TX.

Today we decided to fish the river and it was a productive day. Fishing off the bank we threw in at least 6 lines to entice whatever would hit our baits. Today we used crawfish and nightcrawlers. Tightlining in the outside current we managed to get bit many times but came up empty handed. Tried a different approach and used the smallest weight we could get away with and this was the ticket as it would roll in the current and stop in the calmer water near a tree line. We were finally catching fish and as most fisherman dispise this fish I personally love to eat them...DRUM! Many of you would disagree with me as my fishing partner did too..till he had some fried and then he changed his mind about them. They have a wonderful taste of a hint of shrimp and they are not full of bones as most fisherman think. Just filet them like any other fish and enjoy! We caught 24 drum and they were in excess of 3 lbs each.

Later the drum stopped biting and we started catching our beloved whiskerfish and a school of them came through and we caught 18 all on worms. We had a nice fish fry and my friend told me that anytime he caught drum and other fisherman didnt want them he would gladly take them off their


42 Kept Freshwater drum 3lb
24 drum 18 catfish




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