• May 08, 2019

    May General Meeting -- Everyone Welcome


    PSA Sno-King Presents

    John Beath on catching shimps and Chuck Tamblyn of Discovery Bay Pullers


    Come to our WEDNESDAY May 8 meeting at our new temporary facility and win a Discovery Bay Pot Puller!

    Our guest speaker is John Beath who will be talking about shrimping. John is an entrepreneur and manufacturer of all kinds of fishing gear, lights, and even shrimp gear. He has great youtube videos.

    Come to our new meeting place on Wednesday, May 8 at the Mount Lake Senior Center right on the old golf course and learn some of Johns secrets of shrimping. Learn where to find the shimps and what to use to get them in your pots!

    Special guest Chuck Tamblyn of Discovery Bay Pullers who manufactures the best quality pot puller in the NW. He will be giving a presentation on his pullers. His Pullers have added features that others do not have.

    Free BBQ at this event! We'll provide free burgers and hot dogs for you and your family! Our Edmonds building is being replaced by a new building and this will be our new home for approximately 2 years. New Facility is going to be a great facility with better parking. Hope to see you there.

    Come and win some great shrimp gear in our raffle! Special members only prize, and a grand prize that anyone can win!

    Our meetings are free and open to the public.


    Coming from work hungry?  We've got you covered:
    Free BBQ for you and your family!!
    Burgers, Hot Dogs with chips and soda
    BYOB for Responsible Adults
    Wednesday, May 8th, 6:30PM
    Mountlake Terrace Community Senior Center
    23000 Lakeview Dr
    Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043


  • Mission Statement


        We are the Puget Sound Anglers.  We are dedicated to preserving quality fisheries.  We believe in the de-commercialization of Steelhead.  We believe that our salmon resources can be restored with sound biological management.  We believe in the comradeship and wishes of fellow sport fishing anglers.  We believe our grandchildren can have a higher quality fishery than any of us ever had.


        In 1985 a small group of sport fishing anglers became unhappy with the organizations to which they belonged.  Although they enjoyed the friendship and knowledge of persons with the same fishing interests, they were fed up with the state and national leadership using the members as rungs on their own political ladders.  They were tired of their dues going to pay for salaries on the national level and for enhancements thousands of mile away.  They were tired of being refused the right to give input on legislative issues that involved their fisheries.  It was time for a change and thus spawned Puget Sound Anglers.


        The Puget Sound Anglers  us an organization of independent chapters, with common goals and interests, bound only by integrity and fellowship, with the goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing the sport fisheries of Washington State.
        The general outline of the organization is for each chapter to remain an independent nature.  The State Board was formed with members from each of the chapters and is responsible to those chapters.  The State Board is to assist in forming new chapters and promote membership.  In addition, it is to help communications among the chapters regarding fund raising and projects of interest to all.


        There are now 17 Puget Sound Chapters throughout western Washington.  This is the fastest growing sport fishing organization in the state.   Members have been involved in stream enhancements, raising salmon, educational forums, state legislation, fishing for children and even assisting developmentally disabled persons catch their first fish.  We are now being quoted in newspapers, and interviewed by radio and television reporters.  Media response to Puget Sound Anglers has been overwhelming, and the organization is rapidly becoming known as the "Voice of Washington's Sport Anglers".


        In addition to the previously mentioned projects, all members have a chance to learn more about fishing, go on organized outings, take part in projects and build life-long friendships. 
        Each chapter has a monthly general meeting at which fish stories are discussed, guest speakers are provided and there are even raffles to give you a chance to add to your tackle box.  The membership outing may have you fishing in your back door, south of the Mexican border or north towards Alaska.  All paid members will receive a monthly copy of The Reel News.  This newspaper is the communication vehicle for all serious sport anglers in the state.  It provides you with the chapter information, educational fishing information, new products, recipes and information that is vital to your sport.


        We invite non-members and guests to attend our general meetings.  We highly encourage all family members to join us at any of our meetings, outings and other happenings.  We even welcome members of those "other clubs" to attend one of our meetings and maybe, just maybe, they will want to add their names and support to the independent organization of The Puget Sound Anglers.