• February 09, 2017

    February General Meeting -- Everyone Welcome





    "How to catch chinook

    in the San Juans"



    A lifelong resident of Washington State, Kevin Klein has been on the rivers, lakes, and saltwaters of the Pacific Northwest since conception. Bitten by the fishing bug at an early age, pursuing gamefish again became his passion after graduating from college at Washington State University. In 2004, Kevin was offered a position in Friday Harbor, managing a company barging gas to the San Juan Islands. After taking to the Island lifestyle immediately, Kevin began to write numerous articles for outdoor magazines, and contribute to websites dedicated to fishing. A founder, president, participant, and occasional winner of regional salmon derbies, Kevin can be found promoting sport fishing, and giving seminars on tips and techniques to become a better boater and fisher person.

    Thursday, February 9th @ 6:30PM

    at the

    on the Edmonds Waterfront

    220 Railroad Ave
    Edmonds, WA 98020




    featuring a

    Scotty 2106!


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