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If you are driving at 80 miles per hour on a highway and suddenly a deer shows up, which one is the safest choice: hit the deer or steer clear to avoid it?

Simple rule but it goes against every instinct you have. Deer are just the right height that if you hit one, you hit the legs which sends the deer over the hood of your car and into the windshield. And a lot of time, through the windshield which will most of the time kill you. So if you’re doing 80 mph do not hit the brakes, do not try and steer around it. At 80 miles per hour you are going fast enough that the deer will skid off the windshield and go over the roof. It’s gonna total your car but the deer won’t go through the windshield, leaving the deer to kick you in the head or just go through and crush you. Go straight, hit the deer and then slow to a stop after it’s all over. The speed in this situation has to do with everything, 80 mph. At the speed of 45 to 50 the physics are just right to put the deer in your front seat. At 80 the deer will be slung over the roof leaving you alive to tell the tale.


And you felt the need to impart this wisdom on us because…?

Is there a slower speed where if you can get down to that the deer doesn’t come through the windshield?

Hunter Dan

Real men who drive too fast put Roo Guards on their trucks, Australian style.


Is there a season on road kill?


I don’t think my subaru will get to 80!