September 07, 2013 06:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Edmonds Weigh In

  • Derby Headquarters



    The 2013 Edmonds Coho Derby gets started at 6 a.m. Saturday September 7th. The launch sling at the Edmonds Marina will open at 5:00am to allow you to launch your boats at first light and start fishing. The weigh-in runs until 2PM sharp. You must be in line to weigh your fish by 2PM. No one will be allowed in line after 2PM. No exceptions. Be sure to weigh in fish early as we have had ties every year and the tie breaker is the fish weighed in first.
        See the “rules” page for more information.


    When you approach the scale be sure to have your derby ticket stub handy to show to the weigh master. Your fish will be weighed and logged into our computerized leader board system. The top 10 fish will be held on ice until the awards ceremonies.  We encourage you to retrieve your fish early if your fish drops out of the top 10. 

    At 4PM the awards ceremony will begin where all the prizes will be given away. Photos will be taken of the top 10 winners at the end of the award ceremony. The Port of Edmonds has several areas where the family can sit and enjoy the day in and around Derby Headquarters.

    Moorage and Parking

    The Edmonds Marina guest moorage is very popular. See the Port of Edmonds Marina Office for details on what is available if you plan to put your boat in the water Friday night. We encourage you to take your boat out of the water when you are done fishing as there is always a big crowd in the guest moorage area at weigh in time. We have arranged with the Port to offer parking for derby participants who launch their boats at Edmonds to park in the large lot shown on the map below. There are only a handful of spots in the parking lot adjacent to Derby Headquarters for trucks and boats on trailers. Normally the large fenced lot across the street from the North end of the marina is used for only trailer parking but only on derby day the Port of Edmonds will let you park in that lot with your boat on the trailer. That way you can launch at Derby Headquarters and park your boat in the lot while you enjoy the festivities and the awards ceremonies at 4PM. There is limited parking on the streets in front of the marina. Do not park in any Port of Edmonds parking spaces with the yellow lines as those are clearly marked for Port of Edmonds tenants only. Lots of derby participants will want to take their boats home after they weigh in their fish since the awards ceremony will not start until 4PM. We have delayed this ceremony to allow all of our Everett weigh in derby participants plenty of time to weigh in their fish at the Bayside weigh in station and drive down to the Edmonds ceremonies.

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