September 07, 2013 06:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Rules, Terms & Conditions


    Read the rules carefully to avoid being disqualified.


    By Participating in this event you agree to all the Rules, Terms and Conditions! 


     Fishing is allowed in the open areas of Marine areas; 8-1, 8-2, 9 and 10


    The Snohomish River, nor any river, is not included in the derby area. Boats observed approaching from the north (headed downriver) will be disqualified.



    All contestants must fish in accordance with the current WDFW Fishing Regulations

    All anglers (persons with a fishing license) aboard the boat must have a derby ticket. This includes Charter Boats. Random checks will be conducted.

    Derby Hours are from dawn to 2PM Sharp

    Salmon must be caught the day of the event, in the designated Marine Areas, and arrive at the weigh in location via water to qualify for weigh in and prizes.

    Only Coho (Silver) salmon may be weighed in to qualify for prizes.
    Both hatchery and wild will be weighed in. All participants agree to comply with all current WDFW rules for each area. Derby officials are not responsible to determine legality of any Coho weighed in.

    Each contestant may only weigh in 1 fish. There will be no upgrading of fish. Your first fish weighed in will be your entry.

    There are 2 weigh in locations;


    1. Port of Edmonds near the launch sling.


    2. Bayside Marine in Everett near the public launch area.



    You must be in line by 2:00PM to be eligible to weigh in your fish. Time will be determined by derby official cell phone.

    Derby officials reserve the right to disqualify any fish that appears to have been tampered with or per the rules designated herein.

    NOTE: The Port of Edmonds does not allow any fish cleaning within the breakwater.



     Clean your fish before arriving at the weigh in location.

    All guts, gills and kidney (the bloodline next to the spine) must be removed. Derby judges may do additional cleaning at their complete discretion before weighing.

    Prizes shall be awarded for largest salmon (by weight) in various categories and for the salmon coming closest to the mystery weight.  Other categories may be added by derby officials.

    In the event of a tie the time of weigh in shall determine the winner (earliest fish wins).

    The decisions of Derby Officials on legality, time and weight will be final and binding.

    Awards ceremony will begin at approximately 4PM at the Port of Edmonds near the launch sling

    Prizes and awards will be limited to one per entry except that all contestants will be eligible to win the mystery weight prize as well prizes awarded for largest salmon. Kids are eligible to win the adult prizes based on largest salmon. Kids are not eligible to win the adult mystery weight prize as they have their own mystery weight division.


     You must be present to win.


     Any violation of Derby rules or regulations shall subject a violator to disqualification and may in the discretion of the judges subject the violator, and possibly those fishing with him or her, to permanent banning from future competitions.


     Persons observing possible rules violations are required to submit a written protest, on a form available from Derby headquarters, to the judges no later than 3:00pm Saturday September 7, 2013.



    There shall be no refunds. This is an all-weather Derby. Participants are expected to use reasonable judgment and common sense with respect to weather or sea conditions.

    Prize recipients are responsible for payment of any taxes that might be owed on a particular prize, and shall be required to submit to derby officials any tax identification information, including Social Security numbers, in order to qualify for prizes. Merchandise prizes shall have no cash value, and shall not be eligible for exchange or credit from the donor thereof. All prizes shall be final at the time of award.





    The Puget Sound Anglers Sno-King Chapter (PSA Sno-King) or the sponsors of the derby accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury to any boat, vehicle, equipment, contestant, passenger or observer during this event. Anyone entering the Derby, or providing assistance to Derby Officials or contestants, agrees to hold the Derby Committee, sponsors, and officials harmless for any damages or claims which may arise; and, in particular, if you choose to participate, you agree that you are responsible for your own safety.

    This Derby is independent of the Northwest Marine Trade Association - which is the sponsor of the Northwest Salmon Derby Series, and which is responsible for all Series matters, including boat giveaways. PSA Sno-King is not responsible for errors, or for any changes that may be required due to factors beyond Derby control.

     Derby officials have final say in all Edmonds Coho Derby matters.


    Northwest Marine Trade Association Privacy Statement


    “By entering the Derby and/or entering to win the 2013 Derby Series Grand Prize Boat, each angler or participant acknowledges and agrees that his or her contact information may be made available to sponsors Allstate Corporation, River Hawk Boats, Inc., Mercury Marine, Inc. and Northwest GMC Dealers; and each entrant further acknowledges that he or she may be contacted by the Derby Series sponsors.  Anglers and participants who prefer not to be contacted by sponsors should send an email to advising the Northwest Salmon Derby Series not to share their contact information with third parties.”





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